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Monday, February 23, 2009

Britney Spears - Dear Diary

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Video of Britney Spears singing the song Dear Diary

Lyrics for the song Dear Diary by Britney Spears

Dear diary
Today I saw a boy
And I wonder if he noticed me
He took my breath away

Dear Diary
I can't get him off my mind
And it scares me
'Cause I've never felt this way
No one in this world
Knows me better than you do
so diary I'll confide in you

Dear Diary
Today I saw a boy
As he walks by I thought he smiled at me
And I wondered
Does he knows what's in my heart
I tried to smile, but I could hardly breathe
Should I tell him how I feel
Or would that scare him away
Diary, tell me what to do
Please tell me what to say

Dear diary
One touch of his hand
Now I can't wait to see that boy again
He smiled
And I thought my heart could fly
Diary, do you think that
We'll be more than friend?
I've got a feeling we'll be
so much more than friends

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