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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Animals' Christmas Song

The Viral Factory has created a charming Christmas film to encourage the public to peel themselves off the sofa and Do One Thing For Nature this Christmas.

The Breathing Places campaign is based around the idea that if everyone changes their behaviour in a small way, then they can have a big impact on their immediate environment and the wildlife in it. It is designed to inspire and motivate people to create and nurture nature-friendly green spaces in their localities; to get in touch with nature and really make a difference this winter.

Find more information here: Breathhing Places

Lyrics for the song Animals' Christmas Song

Hi there Internet
We don't want you to fret
but we are not doing splendidly

It is very cold
out here in the snow
without our friend David Bellamy

Bill Oddie's doing stuff,
but it's not enough
so can you do one thing for me


We have had to fight
for every single bite
while you scarf your Christmas tea

That is why we say
Oh yes yet again
can you do one thing for me

Breathing places space to roam
somewhere that I can call my home.
Wish I could be safe and sound
In a bucket beneath the ground.

Daba Daba dum

Wish I had a home for Christmas

Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

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