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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Patridge Family - I think I love you

Video of The Patridge Family singing "I think I love you"

"I Think I Love You" is a 1970 single by The Partridge Family, featuring David Cassidy. The song was released at the same time as the debut of the network television sitcom The Partridge Family. During the show's first season the song was featured on the show twice as it was climbing the actual Billboard charts. The song hit number one on the U.S. Billboard Pop Singles chart in November of that year. The only cast members of the television show to participate in the recording of the song were David Cassidy and Shirley Jones.
The actual music on the song was played by veteran studio musicians such as Hal Blaine, Larry Knechtel, Joe Osborne, Louie Shelton, Tommy Tedesco and others.

Cover versions

On November 25, 1970, the song was recorded by Perry Como, with Nick Perito's orchestra, at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The song was released by RCA Victor Records on an album, It's Impossible, catalog number LSP-4473, in December 1970, which was reissued in 1975 as catalog number AYL1-3804. RCA also released the recording on an EP in Mexico, as catalog number MKE-1352, in 1971.

In 1983, Ism's hardcore punk rendition of "I Think I Love You" topped the New Music charts at number six (compiled from a composite of radio, club and retail reports by CMJ New Music Report, June 6, 1983) however, the controversial artwork on the cover led to major record retailers banning the single for sale. Their 1983 debut album A Diet for the Worms also included the song and entered the number 65 slot on Progressive Radio's Top 100 (CMJ, New Music Report, January 16, 1984).

In 1991, alternative rock band Voice of the Beehive covered the song on their album Honey Lingers. Released as a single in the UK, their version hit number 25 on the UK Singles Chart.

In 1992, the group "Nice and Smooth" sampled the intro from the Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You" in their rap hit "Hip Hop Junkies".

Florida-based band Less Than Jake has also covered this song. In 1998 their version was included on the soundtrack to the film Scream 2.

Clam Abuse covered the song as the first proper song for their debut album "Stop Thinking" in 1999. A Recent re-issue also contains a remix of the cover.

American pop singer Kaci did a cover Released as a single in the UK, her version hit number 10 on the UK Singles Chart in 2002.

The version in spanish "Creo que te amo" by venezonald bandboys "Uff"
Paul Westerberg covered it in 2004, and in 2005, as did Constantine Maroulis and Katie Cassidy (David's daughter).

David Cassidy himself did a soul remake of the song in 2003 for the album Touch of Blue.

Declan Galbraith covered it in 2007 on his album, You and Me.

Source: I think I love you (Wikipedia)

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