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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Paul Anka - Diana

"Diana" is a song written and made famous by Paul Anka in 1957. It was inspired by a high school friend named Diana Ayoub.[1] The original Paul Anka 1957 recording reached #1 and has reportedly sold over 9 million copies.[2]
After signing with RCA Records, Paul Anka rerecorded Diana, along with many other hits in 1963. All these versions were also published in Italian for a special LP. The song has also been covered multiple times; Ricky Martin sang a duet with Anka himself on the album Amigos, while the horror punk band Misfits recorded a version on their album Project 1950. Another duet was in 2006 with Anka and the famous Italian singer and entertainer Adriano Celentano with a new Italian text made by Giulio Rapetti (well-known as Mogol).

Source: Wikipedia

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