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Friday, April 24, 2009

Patti Page - Mockin' Bird Hill

"Mockin' Bird Hill" is a popular song. It was written by Vaughn Horton. The song was published in 1951. The song was popularized by Patti Page and by Les Paul and Mary Ford in 1951, and for both of them following on to their big hit of "The Tennessee Waltz" the previous year.

The Page recording, made on January 17, 1951, was issued by Mercury Records as catalog number 5595, and first reached the Billboard pop music chart on February 24, 1951, lasting 22 weeks and peaking at #2.

The Les Paul/Mary Ford recording was issued by Capitol Records as catalog number 1373, and also reached the Billboard top 10.

On the Cash Box best-selling record charts, where all recordings were combined, the song first entered the chart on March 3, 1951, reached #1 on April 21, 1951, and remained #1 through the May 12, 1951 chart. It came back to the #1 position on May 26.

Mockingbird Hill is also mentioned in The Clash song, Spanish Bombs.
The Migil Five sang a bluebeat tempo version of the song - a UK hit in 1964.
Donna Fargo took a country version to #9 on the Billboard Country Chart in 1977.
The Swedish comedian Povel Ramel wrote a Swedish-language version of the song called Småfoglarne (The little birds), which contained a large number of puns on birds' names. It was performed and recorded by Ramel and Martin Ljung.

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