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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tom Jones - It's not unusual

Video of Tom Jones singing the song "It's not unusual"

"It's Not Unusual" is a song recorded by Tom Jones and written by Les Reed and Gordon Mills. It was the second Decca-single Jones released, and reached number one in the UK charts in 1965. It was also the first hit for Jones in the US, peaking at #10 in May of that year. The single was released in the US on the Parrot label and also reached #3 on Billboard's easy listening chart.
Backing musicians were The Ivy League with Clem Cattini on drums. Arranger was Les Reed. Guitar was provided by Joe Moretti

References in popular culture

The song was famously featured on the 1990s United States television sitcom series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as dancing music for Carlton Banks as he performed his so-called signature Carlton Dance. The song's recurring role on the program not only made many associate the song to the dance, but it also helped to introduce a new generation of people to the song and Tom Jones. Jones himself appeared in an episode of the series during a dream sequence as Carlton's guardian angel. Jones counsels Carlton on some of his neuroses and the two subsequently perform a duet version of the song that incorporates (and addresses) Carlton's concerns.

The song was also featured in an episode of The Simpsons entitled "Marge Gets A Job". Tom Jones is revealed to be Marge Simpson's favourite singer. Near the end of the episode, Jones is performing "It's Not Unusual" for Marge and Homer Simpson while chained to a bandshell by his foot.

It appears in two of film director Tim Burton's movies, first in Edward Scissorhands and then again in Mars Attacks!, in which Tom Jones has a cameo role.
The song was also played in one of the episodes of Will & Grace, "The HoneyMoon's Over", and in Part I of the Friends Vegas episode.
The song appears in the music video game Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol.
Jones performed the song on a British Television Show for ITV named Here Come The Boys, as the opening act.

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